algumas boas razões para ver gossip girl

1. Blair Waldorf

2. Blair Waldorf

3. Blair Waldorf

4. Chuck Bass

5. Chuck Bass

6. Chuck Bass

7. Os diálogos:

I took the test. I'm not pregnant.
Aah! oh, my gosh! Are you kidding me?
Oh, I am so happy. I would have had no idea what to wear to a paternity hearing.

E se não tiverem tempo para ver ao fim de semana... sempre podem comprar o DVD na FNAC (€ 39,99), na Play (€ 16,99) ou na Amazon UK (£ 10,98). You know you love me, XOXO.

3 comentários :

  1. Blair's outfit in number 2 is one of my favourite. Number 1 is also really cute :-)

  2. What I really love about number 2 is the darling detail of her luggage in the background. But I think my favorite is number 1, I really must try to experiment with lace tights like that.

  3. me encanta Gossip Girl, mi personaje favorito Chuck y Blair, of course. Me se los dialogos de memoria. No me pierdo ningun capitulo.


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